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1.  The full cost of race tickets plus a deposit of £50 per person if self-drive travel bookings are required, or £200 per person if air travel is required, must be paid when the booking is placed. The travel booking deposit is held against the final cost of the arrangement booked and is forfeited in full if the client cancels the arrangement for any reason. However, if the Company has been unable to provide arrangements in accordance with the client's instructions the booking deposit will be refunded in full less any charges incurred at the direction of the client.

2.  For travel bookings the balance of the cost is payable nine weeks prior to the departure date or immediately upon receipt of the account for bookings which are made within nine weeks of the departure date. If payment has not been made by the due date the Company may at its option treat the booking as cancelled by the client and condition 6 will apply. When deposits have been paid by credit card the balance when due, it is the clients responsibility to make contact for payment as card details are not retained due to PCIDSS regulations.

3.  Any request for an alteration to a booking must be made in writing. An amendment fee of £40 will be made for each change, in addition to any charges made by the Principal – Carrier/Hotelier.

4.  The Company accepts responsibility for arranging with due diligence and attention bookings with third parties on behalf of the client. The Company cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury arising out of acts or omissions of carriers, hotels, restaurant proprietors and other third parties, over which it has no direct control. The client agrees that the Company contracts with such parties as the agent on his behalf.

5.1.  Force Majeure:  In this clause “Force Majeure” means the happening of an event or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Company including but without limitation war, threat of war, act or threat of terrorism, riots, civil unrest, industrial action, nuclear or natural disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, the change or removal of a grandstand or other amendment to viewing facilities or names or any similar event or circumstance outside the control the Company.  

5.2. The Company shall not be liable to the client if any booking or arrangement made by the Company on behalf of the client is cancelled or materially altered as the result of a Force Majeure Event.  In such circumstances the Company will refund to the client the amount (if any) received from the supplier of tickets or of a service within 14 days of receiving the same.

5.3. If a booking is cancelled or materially altered as the result of a Force Majeure Event the Company will use its best endeavours to offer a suitable alternative but if it is not possible to do so or if the alternative is unacceptable to the client the liability of the Company will be limited to the repayment of any refunds received in accordance with Clause 5.2. above.

5.4. If the Company accepts a booking in the capacity of an agent for another company that company’s conditions will apply and a copy of those conditions will be supplied to the client on request.

6. Cancellations: Race Tickets - if a client wishes to cancel his application for race tickets he must confirm so in writing.  The Company will make every effort to resell the tickets. If tickets are not resold no refund will be made to the client. If tickets are resold the monies received by the Company in the resale less a fee of 25% will be refunded to the client.

7. Cancellation: Travel Bookings – if a client wishes to cancel an arrangement booked by the Company they must do so in writing in the event of cancellation of an arrangement by a client more than 63 days before the date of departure, paragraph (1) hereof will apply and the booking deposit will be forfeited in full. If cancellation by the client takes place 63 - 49 days before the date of departure, the client shall be liable to pay 50% of the total cost (or the initial payment if greater). If cancelled by

the client 48 - 42 days before the date of departure the client shall be liable to pay 75% of the total cost (or the initial payment if greater). If cancelled by the client less than 41 days before date of departure the client shall be liable for the total cost. For all uncancelled arrangements the client will forfeit the total cost.

8. All clients booking inclusive arrangements, can be assured that their monies will be held in a separate Escrow account until their return.

9. The Company will not be responsible for, or liable to replace at its cost, tickets, which are mailed by them at the request of a client. Wheresoever possible it will seek the co-operation of the principal for replacement, which will be at the cost of the client if so required by the principal.

10. All information and the accompanying price list or lists are published in good faith and are believed to be correct at the time of going to press.Prices are subject to change without notice. This also applies to information shown on our websites www.justtickets.co.uk & www.justticketsandmotoring.co.uk

11. Race tickets in general, circuits will not re-issue/replace lost/stolen tickets.

12. If paying by cheque, can you please make payable to 'Just Tickets & Motoring Ltd'.

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